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Friday, July 16, 2010

Amigurumi Friday - Yummi 'Gurumi

Published by Erica at 8:47 AM

Good morning!

I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Yummi 'Gurumi, another selection of crochet food patterns. It arrived on my desk earlier this week, and since I was off yesterday, I dove into it.

There are a few items that somewhat mirror the patterns in Tasty Crochet, my go-to source for crochet food, such as a few of the fruits, and a sandwich. The designs aren't exactly the same, but how many apple patterns does one need? However, I do like the strawberry slices, and I love the fruit salad patterns - there are wedges of pineapple, peach and watermelon, orange slices and segments (which, of course, can be customized as lemons, limes or grapefruits), and slices of star fruit and persimmon.

I truly love the vegetable tray with dip (seen below). There is also a cheese board with crackers and a bottle of wine. And the dessert selections are decadent - see below, as well.

Yesterday I spent the morning working on the two-tiered wedding cake. My weakness lies in seaming some of these things together. You'd think it would be simple to stitch one component evenly to another, but I always struggle with getting the placement right. So that's an ongoing effort.

And I whipped up an orange slice out of kitchen cotton last night - makes a dandy coaster! You could make a citrus-themed set.

The bulk of the book is taken up by an elaborate sushi tray (seen on the cover) and dim sum platter. These are not to my personal taste, but they are beautifully detailed.
One interesting note is that all the patterns in this book were worked using cotton thread instead of yarn. If you had all those colors of thread, and the patience to work on such a small scale, you could create some truly amazing miniatures! As it is, I like working with sport weight yarn (overall) for my amigurumi creations, but that's because they'll be put to rigorous use by my child. If I planned to give them as gifts or display them, I'd be tempted to make them out of finer stuff.

Overall, I believe I prefer Tasty Crochet to Yummi 'Gurumi, but love them both!


Zazzu said...

Thanks for the scoop on this. I think I'll pass on this one since I also have Tasty Crochet. And I loathe sushi and dim sum. ;)

Your orange slice is very pretty!

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