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Thursday, September 2, 2010

International Yarn Swap

Published by Erica at 11:44 AM

I keep tooting Ravelry's horn, but there's so much good stuff going on over there.

I believe most people who read this blog are familiar with Attic24, Lucy's delightfully cheerful, colorful, yarnful blog. In addition to there being an Attic24-inspired Flickr group, there is also a group on Ravelry where we chat about Lucy-inspired projects, etc. (Link here.)

A few months ago, some members of this group had a swap, sending yarn, candy, and little goodies around the world to each other. I missed out on that one, but everyone posted lovely pictures of what they had received, and I was happy when a second swap was suggested. This time, I signed up!

We didn't swap with the same person. The kind lady who sent my goodies (details below) will in turn receive goodies from someone else. I have a box all ready to mail out to a different person. We were given the option to swap with someone within our own national borders, or beyond them. I opted to swap/receive with folks in the UK.

Here is what I received from my very generous UK counterpart:

Four balls of Sirdar Click (a marvelous-feeling, chunky, mostly wool/acrylic blend) in a deep, woodsy green... a fun skein of Patons Symphony in wild colors...

...and two twists of beautiful Araucania yarn. May I say, these are the first official twists of yarn I've ever owned! I always see these delicious fiber confections on Flickr or Ravelry, lovely hand-dyed braids of some alpaca/yak/unicorn hair amalgam, well beyond my price range... but this is the first time I've had such an item of my own. I can almost (but not fully) understand the compulsion of some people to own a twist of yarn that they will only ever pat, touch, smoosh gently between their hands, but never actually use. I have enjoyed touching this yarn, turning it about in my hands to see the different shades that appear in certain light... I will have to find a very special pattern to use this in. So THANK YOU, Diana!

In addition, she sent me a fabulous mug, which I will reserve for the drinking of properly-made tea, and a series of wonderfully touristy postcards from the UK, since I've always longed to go, and I'm not sure when I ever will... best of all, she included postcards of the Royal Family, one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I believe the Wills postcard is my fave. :-)

I highly recommend swaps. Such fun to shop for your partner, wrapping up the goodies, packing the box, waiting for them to receive it and imagining their ooohs and aaahs.... and also the anticipation of goodies arriving in your own mailbox. Such fun!

Wrapping up this post with a final nod in Ravelry's direction. I mentioned wanting to have a special project for the yarns I've received. Ravelry has an exhaustive pattern AND yarn database. If I have no idea what to make with that Patons Symphony yarn, I need only look the yarn up on Ravelry, find that colorway, and see what others have created with it, for inspiration. Same with just about any other yarn out there.

If you ARE on Ravelry, why not friend me? :-) I'm snippygal, naturally.


Valula Hedgehog said...

Hey Erica,

I totally agree with you on the Ravelry plug, I think it is amazing. Until very recently I only used it to search for patterns but then I discovered the groups and the profiles of the other crafters! Brilliant!!

Unfortunately I missed out on the Attic24 swap and wuld love to have done it...won't miss the next one though.

Your swap gifts look fantastic - can't wait to see what you make with them :-)

Valula xoxox

Alhana said...

What a fabulous box you received!! I have only been in a swap once but yes, it is very exciting and I would recommend it to everyone. :-)

eddunsmore said...

Erica what a delightful box of goodies you recieved. I also have a friend in the UK and we swap yarn. What fun it is. Yes I do go on Ravelry, so many good forumns and free patterns.

Patti said...

What a great haul! I can't wait to see what you make with these yarns.

Emma Kate said...

Oooooo love love love it! I would love to take part in one of these swaps that I always read about but I always read about them too late :( I love your mug, that pattern is really popular over here so it was a wonderful choice :)
And new yarn is just the best. It is very strange how it can give such a warm, fulfilling feeling that could never be understood by anyone who doesn't use it. I must say I love being part of the human race that gets a kick out of it ;)

MamaLezlie said...

Erica, what a boon! I'm sure just looking at those wonderful new yarns has your fingers itching and your mind whirling with possibilities.

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