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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Published by Erica at 10:30 AM

Well, we did have our English Tea this weekend.

I found a recipe for cucumber sandwiches; those are more involved than I had expected, but they were delicious. Also made little lemon curd tarts using phyllo dough. It turns out that I am not a fan of working with phyllo. Not at all. Too fiddly.

I had a mishap while making the tarts. I made the whipped cream from scratch and folded in a small jar of lemon curd. I was putting the bowl in the refrigerator to set, when I jarred the bowl of cucumber slices (soaking in a faint vinegar solution), splashing water everywhere. In my hurry to mop up all that water, I failed to notice that I had set the bowl of lemon curd filling on the floor... until I heard the sound of sneaky, fuzzy black lips sampling it.

These lips.

Fortunately, Olive only got the tiniest taste before I snatched the bowl away. Upon examination, I saw no dog hair nor any other indication that she had her tongue in the filling... so I put it back in the fridge to set. If that makes me disgusting, so be it, but we all ate the tarts and no one became ill. :-) Just remember this about me, if you're ever invited for tea.

Also, as neither I nor my daughter care for hot tea, we just brewed some strong iced tea. So I suppose we didn't have a "proper" tea, but it was fancy enough for us. It was her choice to watch Father Ted while we supped. I pointed out that this is technically an Irish comedy, but she countered with the fact that the redoubtable Mrs. Doyle is a Tea Maven, so Father Ted it was.

On a yarnier note, I wanted to show you this neat little linen cabinet that I recently got from IKEA. Our bedroom furniture was "vintage" (not the durable 1960s vintage, but the cheap particle-board 1990s vintage), and it was time for an update. I loved this for being the only red article of furniture in the store that was not made of plastic.

It's got two glass-paned doors that open out. You can see one row of my British Telly collection (with still more tucked away behind that). The other end of that shelf is home to my husband's DVDs.

The main thing to show you about it is the top shelf inside, loaded (not quite to the gills) with wool. This is mostly Wool of the Andes, but the little balls along the front are my hand-dyed wool. I will eventually turn all of this yarn into a lovely Realta afghan, as designed by The Gingerbread Lady.

Here are my first few motifs. This is a super pattern - not too difficult for a newer crocheter, and not tedious for a more experienced crocheter. I love the possibilities of this pattern. My goal is "no two alike" and with 50 different colors in my arsenal, that won't be a problem.


Scribe said...

I love those motifs! Very nice! Your tea looks loverly as well... I recently did my newly five yr/old's birthday as a fancy shmancy tea party... sugar lumps and all... YUM...

melbatoast68 said...

That afghan is going to be gorgeous! I love that you did tea with your daughter. My mother used to do that with me and my sister, complete with cucumber sandwiches. This brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Don't worry about the lemon cats will drink out of anyone's milk glass if they leave it unattended :)

Ruth @ The Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

Cup o' tea Farder? ah go on - ya will, ya will, ya will, ya will, ya will, ya will!!! Love Father Ted!! Dermot Morgan is sadly missed!!

delia hornbook said...

ooohhh i love those crochet hexagons there gorgeous i would love to be able to make these. Love your little tea party you can't beat cucumber sandwiches ;-)) And Father Ted is a classic and so funny. dee x

by Teresa said...

Hey Erica, so glad to see you more often! Loved the story of your hairy kid trying to eat up dessert! My Cairn terrier watches me like a hawk when I'm eating, hoping for something to drop. After I'm done he does "crumb patrol" on my chest hoping to find something. Lovely tea, fun to do something special like that. Hugs, Teresa

The Garden Bell said...

Great motifs. And just look at all that yarn. Yummie. Off to see what else I've been missing.

Tickety-boo said...

Aw go an wit yeh! Sure t'was only the dag that had a wee taste.
Love your taste in British comedy. :o)
Motifs are looking good.

Tina said...

No problem to have tea with you in your house :-) Dogs are part of the family, aren’t they? Sometimes we kiss them on the forehead, sometimes they kiss us right in the middle of the face... So why not eat where they had there sweet lips on? :-)
I love those hand dyed balls of wool you have and I do love your approach of not two alike octagons for the blanket! It will be gorgeous!

Grace said...

Delicious post! :) I would have eaten after Olive, trusting the hair check came up negative as you mentioned. Her cooties can't be any worse than Riddick's...

Your afghan bits look so lovely already! can't wait to see updates to that. Great use for those wonderful colors!

Andi said...

Adore you tea party! I would come even knowing that a cute little black face slurped a tad bit out of it. :)
Love your crochet mofits.

angelina said...

gorgeous. love it .x

Muriel said...

erika, i entered your blog, and made me hungry... me who is trying a diet, these sandwiches called me... well i will stick with the pictures of your new grannies... very original

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